While no one was in the restaurant, a homeless man broke into the establishment through a skylight. This is only the second time this has happened in a week.

Dec 9, 2022 | News & Tips

A homeless man in Los Angeles, who was a regular customer of the restaurant, broke into it again recently. On this occasion, he entered through a skylight and drank expensive liquor until he passed out.

According to FOX11 Los Angeles, this incident occurred early Sunday morning at Baja Cantina in Venice.

A video shared with the news station shows a homeless man dangling from the ceiling as he lowered himself into the restaurant.

He then went behind the bar and raided the restaurant’s liquor. He caused close to $3,000 worth of damages before passing out on the floor, where employees found him.

The homeless man climbed through an open skylight and lowered himself into the restaurant. (KTTV FOX11 Los Angeles)

Piero Sanchez, the general manager at the hotel told the station that he remembered seeing a man on Saturday night who was screaming and wandering through an intersection without any pants on.

The man looks wasted in the video, as he’s drinking from bottles, smoking cigarettes, and smashing parts of the establishment.

Surveillance footage caught a man drinking from bottles of liquor, smoking cigarettes and breaking things at the establishment. (FOX11 Los Angeles KTTV)

It’s shocking, but the worst part is that you begin to normalize this.

Employees found a homeless man passed out when they came to work in the morning. (FOX11 Los Angeles KTTV)

Shortly before, the same man was captured on camera breaking into the restaurant and stealing a bottle of expensive Mezcal, according to reports.

Restaurant owner Sanchez said that while he has beefed up security, he wonders where this will stop.

Residents previously brought concerns with city leaders over the lack of regulations that would outlaw homeless encampments during the night.

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