When is the Best Season for Installing Skylights?

Apr 7, 2020 | News & Tips

When is the Best Season for Installing Skylights?

The success of most outdoor home improvement projects relies on good weather. Projects that include installing skylights and a new roof basically demand dry weather conditions. Most homeowners have a professional out to inspect their roofing and assess damages after a harsh winter once warm, dry weather arrives. The summer months are also the busiest times of year for roofing companies, which means prices can be higher. This is why the summer season is the perfect time to have a skylight installed – you can have both projects carried out at the same time, which saves money.

You’ll Love Having Skylights!

There’s no home improvement feature quite like skylights to improve quality of life by illuminating living spaces and adding visual appeal. Sure, skylights serve a practical purpose – letting in more natural light, but they also add a touch of elegance to a home and increase its value (making it more alluring to future home buyers). Skylights are also energy efficient.

Food for Thought: Best Places to Have Skylights Installed

Some of the best rooms to have skylights installed are the kitchen, family room, master bedroom, renovated attic, and vented skylights in the bathroom.

Already have Skylights?

If you already have skylights you should have them inspected along with the roof. Skylights last about 10 years, so even if they’re not leaking you should have them checked out or repaired.

If your home is due for a roof inspection and you’d like to include having skylights installed, call a reputable roofing company and get the job done right.

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