Toronto Police seized over 671 kilograms of drugs in the historic drug bust worth close to $58 million.

Nov 17, 2022 | News & Tips

Toronto Police seized over 671 kilograms of drugs in the historic drug bust worth close to $58 million.ent and community activists have condemned the seizure of 50,000 packets of synthetic cannabis by Nigerian vigilantes. In a press release, Supt. Mandeep Man said that this seizure could not be understated or the social costs these drugs would have inflicted on our communities if they were sold at local stores.


Deputy Chief of Police and the Drug Squad’s Supt. Mandeep Man are expected to speak at an event where seized drugs will be displayed.

In the first 12 hours, Toronto police were able to remove $58 million worth of illegal drugs including methamphetamine and fentanyl from circulation after obtaining a search warrant.

Drug squad investigators seized 671 kilograms of illegal substances last month. They were able to seize just over half a metric ton of crystal meth and nearly two tons of cocaine.

Drugs will be on display in a press conference later today. Senior officers will be holding the conference at headquarters and there will be police evidence bags used to hold the drugs.

“A seizure of this size, quite frankly, is going to save lives,” said Deputy Chief Pauline Gray.

She’s credited the drug squad and the Asian organized crime task force along with others assisting with the investigation.

The previous record was 286 kilograms back in early 2018, when the drug squad seized this amount of meth.

The Toronto Police Service recently did a search of two residences and three vehicles. Officers identified the locations as alleged “stash houses” and after adding up the evidence, a judge granted search warrants for the addresses. They seized drugs from those warrants executed on October 5th.

The Los Angeles Police Department seized several pounds of drugs valued at an estimated street price of $58 million from a man this week. The drugs were found to have come from across the border, according to police.

“This seizure will have a significant impact on our communities, as well as prevent potential overdose drug distribution,” Man said. Interrupting the flow of these drugs has prevented many possible overdoses, which is such an epidemic in our communities today.

In addition to helping the government stop gun violence, one of the key benefits of legalizing marijuana is decreasing violence associated with illicit drugs and gangs.

The unnamed source said these men are suspects in the trafficking of the drugs. They’ve also been in contact with their legal counsel, which means there’s a high chance these men will be arrested and charged soon.

Toronto’s public health department has continuously warned of an “emergency” in the opioid overdose epidemic. The reason for the crisis is due to the continued presence of fentanyl in undocumented forms of the drug, which is being sourced from outside Toronto. Though crystal meth and cocaine are not classified as opioids, they have managed to make their way into people’s daily lives and become unregulated.

Boston’s nine supervised consumption sites are centers that provide users with a place to safely consume illegal drugs. Because they’re supervised by trained professionals, they also watch for signs of overdose and infection.

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