Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Fall

Sep 14, 2020 | News & Tips

Fall is almost here so it’s time to get ready for the changes in weather that your roof is going to be exposed to. Following are a few tips that will help you prepare your roof for fall.

Remove Overhanging Tree Branches

Overhanging tree branches can pose significant problems for the structural integrity of your roof. Branches that are left leaning against the roof can scrape away at materials. The leaves trap in moisture causing mold and fungus, and clutter gutters. If the tree and its branches are diseased or weak, it can cause them to crash down on your home, causing major destruction.

Inspect the Roof for Visual Damage

During this time of year, it’s important to inspect the roof, checking for visual damage like loose shingles. If you notice singles that are lifted or askew, they need to be tacked down (if they are in good shape) or replaced. If you don’t, they will end up being damaged further or blown away during the harsh fall and winter storms. To save yourself a lot of potential problems you should have your roof inspected on a regular basis.

Eliminate Excess Debris

Debris left unchecked will lead to mold, rotting materials and become a home for unwanted pests and insects. The sooner you remove excess of debris from the roof, the less time there will be for it to do any damage.

Inspect the Gutters

While cleaning off the roof, make sure to inspect the gutters and clean them out if necessary. Clean gutters ensure that rain that lands on the roof smoothly flows off instead of accumulating and causing additional structural problems. A gutter clogged with leaves and other debris can cause the roof to leak, leading to water damage to the exterior and interior of the home. Clogged gutters also make great homes for rodents and other pests.

Clear Attic Vents

Roofs need to “breathe”. If attic vents are blocked, usually by nests, dust, and debris, they do not allow for enough airflow. The more airflow you have through your attic, the less likely that temperatures will fluctuate on the roof.  Clear attic vents will help you avoid dealing with problems like cracks and leaks in the roof during colder weather.

Inspect the Interior of Your Home

Besides inspecting the exterior for damage, do a walkthrough of your home, checking for interior damage like water stains on the ceiling. If you find stains on the ceiling that means moisture has made its way through multiple layers of roofing materials, and more. At this point you will need to contact a professional roofing company right away.  In addition, all wet materials will need to be thoroughly dried out to prevent mold growth.

The roof is one of the most protective components of a home which is why it’s so important to keep it in tip top shape. If climbing up on the roof to perform any of these tasks isn’t something you are comfortable with, call a reputable roofing company. They have the experience it takes to perform a comprehensive inspection, let you know if they see any issues, and make necessary repairs.  Have the roof inspected now before the fall and winter seasons hit.


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