3 things to know before installing a skylight

Aug 16, 2019 | Project

Are you considering installing a skylight into your home? Then you are not alone. Many people like the idea of having a skylight, especially in the main rooms of the home. Your study, dining room, kitchen, or living room would all benefit massively from the installation of a skylight. It helps to light up the whole room and can go some way to making sure you are left with an easy-going, enjoyable lighting option. Not only can a skylight change the look of the room, but it can adjust the value of your property due to the increased aesthetic potential.

However, there are some things we recommend that you consider prior to giving the A-OK to get that skylight fitted. What matters to us?

Ensure you hire the right people.

The first thing to do is to ensure that you hire the right people to manage the fitting of the said skylight. The last thing that you need is a wonky, uneasy fitting. Make sure they have a good reputation not just in roofing, but in skylight fitting. They should be using quality materials, excellent tools, and the right staff.

The best skylight teams will cost you a bit more to hire, but they will make sure you are left with a far more impressive job than the cheaper options.

Make sure you choose the right glass.

Another important part of the skylight process is making sure you get the right kind of glass fitted. Many people make the mistake of installing skylights and using cheap, basic glass. We recommend that you look to get some form of reinforced laminated/tempered glass. Though they are still going to be limited in how much force they could take, make sure it’s made from good quality glass that is likely to actually last.

If you are serious about getting a skylight, then you should be looking to make sure it can handle the force of any impact that might take place. This helps to ensure that it lasts as long as it should.

Do you want it mounted or not?

Many people choose to get a skylight either curb mounted, or deck mounted. We recommend that you look to make sure you are happy with the choice. Curb mounted options often need a box structure, while the other deck mounted options tend to be more low-profile and minimalistic. It’s all down to personal choice, but we recommend spending some time evaluating the various options open to you.

Once you work out what kind of skylight you would like to have the most, you can get it fitted and set up in a short space of time. It’s highly advised, though, that you spend some time working out what kind of skylight fitting you want, as well as the material is chosen.

That’s why you should look to make sure you hire people with plenty of experience in fitting and in handling skylights. It makes it that much more likely that you will be left with a quality job that you can be happy about.

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