The Shingle Thieves Just Struck Again.

Nov 14, 2022 | News & Tips

The Shingle Thieves Just Struck Again.

It appears the truck used in this theft was also used in a recent crime at Habitat for Humanity.The Shingle Thieves Just Struck Again.

Three days after the first crime, thieves broke into a roofing company in eastern New Orleans. These thieves are clearly bold and show no hesitation to commit crimes in broad daylight.

Paul Fischer from Fischer’s Roofing recently sat down with  CBS-affiliated WWL-TV describing the surveillance video showing the robbers.

“Over on the left you’ll see the headlights at the back of the dually,” he said. “It’s backing up to the fence.”

At 2:41 Tuesday morning, the thieves arrived. Fischer explained that they drove their truck up to the back of his building at Chef Menteur Highway.

“There’s a group of guys who drive a white dually truck, they use this lot with access from the church behind here, they pull in the back and they cut through the lock. It’s a 9 foot gate. They cut the lock and when they opened it up, there was shingles piled up inside. I mean obviously, that’s what those guys had come for.”

The truck that was used in this theft – appears to be similar to the one used in a theft at Habitat for Humanity last weekend.

Thefts like these don’t stop with unlocked vehicles, Fischer says. They spotted a broken-down company truck with keys in the ignition. The thieves tried to tow it but got their truck stuck on the way out. Around 6:30 am, a truck with “Speedy’s Auto and Recovery” markings arrived. 45 minutes later – the real owners showed up and got it back.

“He takes a look at him and quickly drives around back to see the incident,” Fischer said. “As soon as he sees Billy and realizes he must be someone important, the truck pulls off.”

NOPD dispatch records show that officers were dispatched at 12:18 a.m. on Thursday and arrived at the business for the call for service at 12:32 a.m. After we reached out to NOPD, police responded again to Fischer’s Roofing at 4 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 1.

Surveillance footage shows the officer get out of her car and knock on the front door. The owners weren’t home, so the officer didn’t try to call them.

Fischers’ Roofing says they’re planning insurance claim and estimating a $6000 loss. This probably won’t be the last time they’ve been victim to crime, either. “It’s nerve-wracking, you kiss your kids goodbye every morning and wonder what’s going to happen throughout the day.”

The business is now no longer located in New Orleans East.

The New Orleans Police Department says that their captain is working to resolve the situation. NOPD goes on to say, “Department’s dispatch system works on a priority level system, and the call for this incident did not have a life-threatening or endangering aspect, so it was placed on a less immediate priority until an officer was free to respond.”

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