Professional Skylight Services in Toronto

The Roof Technician offers clients in Toronto and surrounding areas our professional skylight services that includes repair and replacement at surprisingly affordable prices.

Our team of professional skylight repair and replacement technicians have nearly two decades of experience. All skylight repairs or replacements are done with fully licensed, insured and bonded roofers, giving you not only a great result but extra peace of mind knowing their skills and experience are the best Toronto has to offer.

Our craftsmanship guarantee is given to all our clients and only the highest quality materials and brands are used during all our skylight services projects.


We do all skylight installation and Emergency Repairs. Contact us today.


Bathroom Vented Skylights

You can trust the Roof Technician to provide skylight services ranging from install, repair, or replace in any bathroom. Bathroom vented skylights are serviced in Toronto and surrounding areas with our team of experienced and professional roofers.

Using the best brands and highest quality materials available on the market, you are guaranteed perfect results that will last for many years to come.

A bathroom vented skylight is an ideal to manage surface condensation and preventing mould and mildew growth. The increased air circulation results in better odor management too.

Contact us today for a free assessment and complimentary estimate for your bathroom’s vented skylight for your home or commercial property.

Kitchen Skylights

The Roof Technician is the best contractor in Toronto for any kitchen skylight services you may need. When replacing an existing kitchen skylight or having a new kitchen skylight installed for the first time, you can rely on our professional team of experienced roofers to do the work perfectly, every time.

There are several considerations when deciding on a kitchen skylight. Good energy efficiency to prevent over heating in the summer, the amount of light you desire and the overall appearance of your kitchen. The Roof Technician will assist with expert advice on selecting the best possible brand to meet all your needs.

Game Room Skylights

Since 2005, The Roof Technician has established its reputation in the Toronto area as the best skylight services available.

Our team of professional roofers are fully insured and licensed to give your game room the perfect type of skylight to not only reduce energy bills in the winter by providing passive solar heating but also natural ventilation during the hot summer months.

Let The Roof Technician assist in replacing or installing new skylights for your game room. Our expert knowledge will assist in selecting the best brand and type of game room skylight that will meet all your requirements.

Skylight For Bedrooms

You have found the perfect contractor at The Roof Technician for all your bedroom skylight services in Toronto and surrounding areas. With our team of experienced roofers, we are fully equipped to install or replace any bedroom skylight of any size.

Professional advice will always be available to help you select the best brand with the required features you want in the skylight for your bedroom. With The Roof Technician’s guidance the best size and shape, type of glass and type of frame can be discussed when assessing the project for your free estimate.

We invite you to contact us today.


The Roof Technician is a proud VELUX-Certified Installer. VELUX is a leading brand in the skylight industry with more than 75 years’ experience. To ensure the standards and craftsmanship of their product installation, they offer independent installers special training and certification to ensure their high-quality standards are met and that their product’s performs according to specifications.

The Roof Technician is VELUX certified installers. Our roofers has undergone the required training and reached the expert skill level required by VELUX in order to be certified. Our reputation as industry leaders in the roofing industry is backed by this certification.

Velux Rain Sensor Installation

The Roof Technician expert team of roofers are Velux certified installers and offer this exceptional rain sensor installation as part of our skylight services to our clients in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

With close to two decades of experience in the roofing industry, The Roof Technician is able to professionally install the Velux rain sensor system for your home or business.

The Velux rain sensor consists of a concealed control and operator system that closes the skylight automatically when inclement weather is detected. This exceptional feature gives you great peace of mind and ensures your furniture and floors are protected when you are not home.


Since our establishment over two decades ago, we’ve provided professional, fast and reliable skylight installation, repair and replacement in Toronto and its nearby cities. Below are examples of some recent works we’ve completed as well as customer testimonials.

Our skylight started leaking after a storm and the roof technician responded fast to help! The team was professional, friendly, and polite and they got the skylight repaired quickly. Thank you!
Susan M. -North York

The skylights in our house were outdated and we decided to hire the roof technician to replace our skylights. The job was done on time and the new skylights look amazing.

Andrew J. – Toronto

We had very old skylights and wanted to go for new ones. The roof technician gave us the best price out of all 4 skylight companies. Very nice job is done and clean as well.

Sam – Etobicoke

Wanted to make sure we get a good price and a nice job done for our skylight replacement project. The roof technician made it happen, very very fair price and very professionally done. thank you

Joe – Toronto


The No Leak Skylight - Skylight models

The Roof Technician is certified Velux skylight installers. We are qualified to install a range of skylight models professionally and affordably.

With years of experience in the roofing industry, you can rest assured our fully licensed and insured roofers will do excellent work when installing or replacing any skylight at home or at the office.


The innovative solar-powered vented skylight eliminates the need for any electrical wiring. The durable solar panel is designed to capture daylight and recharge the unit’s battery. The battery powered operator and control system manage all opening and closing operations while relying solely on solar generated and stored energy for all its operational needs.


With the press of a button you can open the Velux electric skylight to let in fresh air. The built in rain sensors will close the skylight automatically preventing water damage because of rain. The Velux Electric skylight is the perfect choice for all your curb or deck mount installations.


Installing the Velux Manual skylight for decks or curb-mount installations will be done quickly and professionally by The Roof Technician. Adding this skylight will allow maximum fresh air intake into your home and assist in proper moisture balance within your home by letting out stale and humid air.


Ideal for deck-mounted installation, a fixed skylight will flood any closed-in and dark areas with natural sunlight. The most cost-effective and economical means to add light in your home.

Sun Tunnel Skylights

With The Roof Technician you have found the best company in Toronto and the surrounding areas when it comes to installing, replacing or repairing all sun tunnel skylights. With close to two decades experience in the roofing industry, our team of roofers are not only certified as Velux skylight installers, they are fully insured, licensed and bonded. This experience and level of expertise will give you the assurance that the best team of technicians are working on your skylight.

Tubular skylights or sun tunnel skylights is a great economical way to allow natural sunlight into your home. A skylight will brighten any dark area without adding to your electricity usage. The sun tunnel skylight system offers a sleek design and installation is fairly easy for our experienced technicians.

There are two varieties of the sun tunnel skylights available currently: The flexible sun tunnel and the rigid sun tunnel.


Depending on your unique installation needs, the flexible sun tunnel has flexible tubes and is used when going around obstacles in your loft space is needed with installation. Our professional technicians are able to determine the best suited option for your home or office when they visit you for an assessment.


The rigid sun tunnel is installed when there is a straight path from the roof to the ceiling. The rigid sun tunnel’s installation can be done quickly and adds great light in any room.

Contact us today to arrange a complimentary assessment.

Roof Windows

The Roof Technician is Toronto’s best contractor for all roof window installations, repairs or replacements.


The top hinged window is the perfect choice for any low position window. It can be fitted in rooms with a low ceiling, allowing easy viewing of the surroundings below while letting in fresh air.


This window is easy to operate and also suitable with low ceilings. Low installation allows for better view of your surroundings while the top control bar makes it easy to open and close.


This installation is perfect to allow easy roof access. It comes fitted with a locking device to keep the sash in the open position and the ventilation flap is a great added feature. Depending on your unique requirements, the roof access window can be installed as a left or right hinged roof access window.


This innovative balcony roof window adds a wonderful and stylish feature to any home. When closed it sits flush with the roof. Open the top half only to function as a traditional roof window or open fully to enjoy a balcony in seconds.

Flat Roof Skylights

The Roof Technician offers you the solution to all flat roof skylights in Toronto and surrounding areas. With almost two decades of experience in the roofing industry, we are certified, insured and licensed and can do installations or replacements for all flat roof skylights.

The Roof Technician can install fixed flat roof skylights, the flat roof manual venting skylights and the flat roof exit skylight. The new generation curved glass skylight that drains rainwater quickly are also available for these installations.


Economically filling any room with daylight is achieved with a well placed and perfectly installed fixed flat roof skylight.


With the easy to open manual venting skylight, you can experience the joy of having ideal air movement thru your home. Humid and warm air escapes thru the open skylight allowing fresh air to continuously fill the room.


Providing all the benefits like natural lighting and optimizing airflow in your home, The Roof Technician can install the flat roof exit skylight that add the additional feature of allowing easy access to your roof. The skylight is manually operated and available in 3 sizes.

Skylights Blinds

With installation certification from Velux, years of experience and our team of fully licensed and insured roofers, The Roof Technician can install or replace your skylight blinds perfectly and professionally.

A variety of blind options are available to choose from. Adding skylight blinds will give you total control over the amount of sunlight coming into your room.


This stylish and modern blind will provide near block out of all light and is ideal to darken the bedrooms during those long summer days. In addition, it provides protection from heat and can eliminate any glare due to very bright sunlight.


The pleated translucent blinds are ideal for reducing glare and provide you with a softer and filtered natural light. It is made from sheer fabric and perfectly fitted to your skylight.


This blind is operated by a wall-mounted keypad that controls the blind with a radio frequency. It is solar powered and does not require any wiring or electrician to do the installation. Completely self contained, it has a battery pack which allows operation day and night. Control the blinds in your home with this innovative addition to your skylight.

Modular Skylights System

The Roof Technician is your choice installers for the modular skylight system by Velux. This system uses a proven modular concept that creates astonishing features in any home.

Offering a slim and smaller profile, it allows for the maximum amount of light to enter. Optional roller blinds can be added to give you complete control over the amount of light you want entering your home.

Venting models are also available. With the actuators hidden securely, you can use a remote control to open and close these beautiful skylights. All venting models are fitted with a sensor that will automatically close the skylight system in the event of rain.

The modular skylight system is custom designed and every part of the system is prefabricated. This allows you to create large areas with unobstructed sky views that will fit perfectly into your existing space.

The modular skylight system is completely customisable and smaller spaces like hallways and stairways can be fitted with the prefabricated system quickly and perfectly.

The modular skylight system is the ideal choice when designing and planning your new space. Alternatively, its adaptability makes it the perfect choice when you want it fitted into your existing home design.

Commercial Skylights

The Roof Technician was established in 2005. Our team of certified Velux installers are fully licensed and insured and with close to two decades of experience in the roofing industry, they are your best choice for any commercial skylight installations or replacements.

Wasco Skylights have joined Velux Commercial and an exciting range of commercial skylights are available to be installed by The Roof Technician. Regardless of the size of skylight you envision, The Roof Technician will install your new skylight perfectly.


With structural skylights you have a fully-customizable configuration available to meet your specific design requirements. A variety of glazing options are available and it’s designed to be good looking and long lasting.


With the horizon series you can experience excellent thermal insulation and UV protection. It’s easy to install and durable. Made up of multiwall polycarbonate panels it will maintain high clarity for years to come.


The most economic choice for commercial skylights can be found with the dome unit skylights range. The Roof Technician will install or replaced any commercial dome unit skylight perfectly and with the best technicians on the project, installation will be done quickly and professionally.



We have a team of experienced, licensed, and insured skylight contractors. With nearly 2 decades of experience, our contractors will get your job done quickly and correctly the first time.

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