How to Manage Property Maintenance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr 26, 2021 | News & Tips

Managing routine property maintenance and repairs are hands-on projects. With COVID 19 and social distancing protocols, property owners and management companies need to have a plan in place that ensures the properties remain in good condition. Following are some guidelines to follow that will keep tenants safe and properties in tip-top condition.

Social Distancing

Put together a plan for your maintenance team, including details about how to safely enter a tenants’ residence to perform essential repairs.  You should also share this plan with residents.

Essential Services and Repairs

Based on the problem reported by a tenant, identify what maintenance requests need to be addressed immediately and how they can be dealt with in a way that keeps residents and maintenance employees safe. You’ll need to keep the property’s safety in mind as well, making essential repairs. For example, have plumbing service or roofing service and repairs performed, addressing problems like leaks that can cause hazardous, costly damages.

Roofing Services and Repairs

Roofing is considered an essential business because it falls under the construction category. Roofing repairs are critical when it comes to keeping commercial and residential buildings weathertight and safe.

Online Maintenance Requests

If possible, provide tenants with a way to submit maintenance requests online. With an online maintenance request process in place, you’ll be able to review maintenance issues and decide how they should be handled, without having to see the problem in person.


Communicate with tenants, letting them know the steps you’re taking to protect them from COVID-19 and share best practices for sustaining a healthy and safe environment. Let tenants know how to submit maintenance requests, how common areas are being disinfected and cleaned, and other important information.

Now, more than ever, landlords and tenants need to work together constructively. With Covid 19, both parties face different challenges, however, the fundamental end goal is to ensure that the tenants, maintenance employees, and the property itself are safe.

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