Having a Commercial Roofing Safety Plan

Feb 10, 2021 | News & Tips

The roofing industry is an important one, however, without the appropriate safety precautions, commercial roofing companies would be setting themselves up for failure. Besides clients, employees are the companies most important resource. The right commercial roofing safety plan will be focused on keeping employees and customers safe. The objective is to develop a plan in which the roofing technicians are always contemplating their safety and the safety of others.

Developing a Commercial Roofing Safety Plan

To ensure a safe work environment for everyone, it’s important to come up with a safety plan that provides clear guidelines and policies. These should include workplace practices, personal protective equipment, safety equipment, fall protection, hazard communication training, emergency training, and any other process necessary to maintain a safe workplace. Additionally, it is important that the safety plan complies with all local, state, and federal guidelines.

Create a Daily Jobsite Safety Checklist

Having a job site safety checklist will help crews continue to evaluate the gear, techniques, and practices employed on each job site. The checklist also helps clearly communicate the necessity for safety with our customers, in addition to the expectations for the day.

Fall Protection Requirements

Falls are the leading cause of work-related injuries and deaths for roofing employees. Because roofers typically work six feet or higher on the job, they are at risk of serious injury or death if they fall. Having a Fall Protection Plan (site-specific) in place that meets OSHA requirements will ensure that roofing crews are well prepared for daily tasks.


Properly training crews helps create roofing teams that are dedicated to keeping themselves, their customers, and anybody who goes to the job site safe. By developing a team and continuing to provide training, the roofing company ensures that work is carried out safely, unexpected costs go down, morale and employee retention improves. By developing this environment, the roofing company gets noticed for the right reasons.

A Dedicated Safety Professional

This independent consultant or employee’s role involves understanding OSHA’s regulations and looking for approaches that can improve the team’s safe working strategies that also meet OSHA’s guidelines.

As you search for a commercial roofing company, choose one that you know focuses on safety.

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