Essential roofing preparation for spring in the pandemic

Mar 1, 2021 | News & Tips

As winter moves on to spring, it is time for essential roofing preparation and catching potential problems before they get worse. The following roof maintenance tasks should be on your TTD list, making sure that you’re ready for the challenges associated with the spring weather in Ontario, Canada.

Clean the Gutters

Throughout the winter months, most gutters end up filled with a lot of dirt, ice and other debris. Clogged gutters make it impossible for water to run off the roof and onto the ground. This results in standing water on the roof, leading to several problems. When this happens water can end up going into the walls of the home. Not only can this cause severe water damage, but it also encourages mold growth. In addition, gutters that are full of debris make the perfect home for pests.

Have the Roof Inspected

Spring is known for its trademark showers which is why any weaknesses in the roof need to be addressed before the rains come. The barrage of water can exacerbate existing problems, leading to significant water damage instead of merely a few loose shingles. Crumbling bricks, including those that support the fireplace, that look like they’re bulging and out of place is a sign of rot and water damage, definitely a condition to look for during the inspection.

Check Out the Indoors

Roof inspections always include checking out the inside of the home. During the interior part of the inspection, a professional roofing company will look for signs of leaks, water damage, or other areas of concern. One of the most obvious signs of roof damage in the home is irregularities like water stains on the ceiling, mildew or stale water odors, a sagging ceiling, etc., especially in the attic if you have one.

When it comes to roofing preparation for spring, the safest way to go is to have a professional roofer perform the inspection. Discovering problems before they escalate will help you avoid paying for expensive repairs down the road. Roof inspections are cost effective ways to invest in the safety of your home and the longevity of your roof.

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