Commercial Skylight Toronto

Ince 2005, The Roof Technician and our team of professional roofers have gained priceless experience and skills by servicing, repairing, installing and replacing every type of commercial skylight in the Toronto area.

With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee offered, you found the perfect commercial skylight service provider.


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Commercial Skylight Services in Toronto

Contact The Roof Technician today for any skylight installations, services and repairs in Toronto and the surrounding areas. With close to two decades of experience in the roofing industry, The Roof Technician are Velux certified skylight contractors meaning that our level of service is professional, affordable and all work done by our team of roofers are of the highest quality.

The Roof Technician will only use the best quality materials and products whenever they are installing or repairing any commercial skylight. This ensures the durability of the work we do on new installations, replacements or repairs. All products and materials are sourced from reliable and established suppliers meaning the products will perform according to specification and are guaranteed to last.

The team of professional roofers from The Roof Technician are fully equipped and able to do all installations, repairs and replacements of commercial skylights using the latest techniques and methods available to the roofing industry. This use of modern equipment and techniques ensures that the skylight services are done quickly and professionally.

The Roof Technician offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to all our commercial skylight customers. Our commitment is to deliver the skylight service you want, at a price you can afford. Taking your needs into consideration ensures that you and your customers are safe and comfortable while The Roof Technician is busy installing, repairing or servicing your commercial skylights.

From initial consultation to discuss your unique requirements to post-installation follow-up checks to ensure everything works optimally,  you will find no other skylight contractor with more dedication and professionalism in Toronto or the surrounding areas.

Enjoy the economic and aesthetic advances gained from a professionally installed skylight at your business or industrial site for years with the services provided by The Roof Technician.

Superior Commercial Skylight Services in Toronto

The Roof Technician was established in 2005 and for close to two decades has been delivering the highest quality installations, replacement and repair services to commercial skylight customers in Toronto and the surrounding areas. We have earned the priceless reputation of delivering the highest quality installations and repairs to our commercial skylight customers at a fair and affordable price.

The Roof Technician offers all our commercial skylight customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will honor this guarantee by using only the highest quality materials and products for your commercial skylight services. Our skylight technician’s skills and experience delivers exceptional quality results and all commercial skylight installations, repairs or services will be done perfectly.

With the use of the best technology available, The Roof Technician is able to provide all commercial skylight installations, replacements or repairs quickly, easily and affordably. By using the best equipment and techniques we guarantee products and materials optimal performance and durability.

The Roof Technician is a certified Velux skylight contractor. With this prestigious certification you are assured that some of the best roof technicians in Toronto are attending to your commercial skylight installation, replacement, repair or maintenance.

Routine maintenance and checks of commercial skylights can be done upon request. The Roof Technician offers a comprehensive commercial roof inspection service as well.

New skylight installations are discussed in detail. Available types of skylights, sizes and the optimal placement of skylights are discussed with you. The Roof Technician will make sure we deliver exactly what you desire at an affordable and competitive price.

From our initial meeting to assess and discuss your commercial skylight service, to the final completion of the project leaving your commercial site clean and free of any debris, The Roof Technician delivers the best commercial skylight services in Toronto.


The Roof Technician proudly presents our VELUX-Certified installer certification.

Our reputation as industry leaders in the roofing industry is backed by this certification.

VELUX is a leading brand in the skylight industry with more than 75 years’ experience. To ensure the craftsmanship of their product installation, they offer independent installers special training and certification to ensure their high-quality standards are met and that their product’s performs according to specifications. The Roof Technician’s roofers has undergone the required training and reached the expert skill level required by VELUX in order to be certified.

Regardless of the size of skylight you have in mind, The Roof Technician will install your new skylight perfectly. With a detailed assessment and discussion around your specific requirements, The Roof Technician will deliver exactly what you want. With the variety of commercial skylights available in the commercial Velux range, you are sure to find the perfect option for your commercial property. From industrial warehouses to office spaces, The Roof Technician is the perfect choice for your certified installations or commercial skylight repairs.

The Roof Technician has close to two decades of experience in the roofing industry. We use only high quality materials and products for your commercial skylight services. This means that installations and repairs are guaranteed to last as per product specification.

Fully equipped and able to use industry leading techniques during installations and repairs, The Roof Technician can do installations and repairs quickly and easily. Using the latest technology and equipment means less of an interruption to your daily commercial operations.

We always have the safety of your staff and customers in mind and take every precaution possible to ensure no one is in danger at any point during our installation or repair process.

Contact us today for your free commercial skylight assessment.


Commercial Skylight Installation in Toronto

The Roof Technician was established in 2005. For close to two decades we have been installing commercial skylights of all shapes and sizes in Toronto and surrounding areas. With our team of exceptional roofers, you have found the perfect contractor to do any commercial skylight you want.

The benefits of a properly installed skylight go beyond saving on lighting cost.

With a great variety on available commercial skylights on the market, properly installed skylights can add proper ventilation and air flow to your commercial property, as well as save you money on heating and cooling costs, depending on the type of skylight you require.

As a Velux-certified installer, The Roof Technician will install any new skylight for your commercial property according to the best standards in the industry. Our Velux certification means our roofers are expertly skilled and some of the best professional roofers Toronto and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Using only the best quality products and materials for all commercial skylight installation, the installation we do will be durable and sustainable. Our products and materials are only sourced from established and trustworthy suppliers, guaranteeing that the products will perform according to specification and last its indicated lifespan.

Our fully equipped and skilled team of roofers are able to install any size commercial skylight quickly and professionally. Always keeping the safety of everyone at your commercial property in mind, the use of the best tools and equipment means that the work can be done quickly with minimal disruptions.

The Roof Technician offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all commercial skylight installations. We go beyond the ordinary to ensure that our customers are totally satisfied with our performance from our first meeting to the last day, our service will always be friendly and professional.


Commercial Skylight Repair Services for Business Owners in Toronto

As certified Velux skylight installers, The Roof Technician offers expertly skilled roofers to attend to any commercial skylight repairs in Toronto or the surrounding areas.

The Velux skylight certification and close to two decades of experience in the roofing industry, means that expert and highly skilled technicians will be attending all commercial skylight repairs at your property.

The benefits of a commercial skylight can be enjoyed for many years if maintained properly.

Most skylights require minimal maintenance and it is always advisable to have the integrity of the skylight and the surrounding waterproofing seals checked from time to time. By scheduling routine checks, you will not be surprised by a sudden water leak during a heavy rainstorm when a worn down peace of flashing fails.

In the event where a leak or other problem does occur, our team of professional skylight technicians are fully licensed, insured and bonded. They will do all commercial skylight repairs quickly and professionally. Using only the best quality materials and products, the repair work done by The Roof Technician will be durable and long lasting.

The Roof Technician’s roofers are fully equipped and use the best tools and techniques for all commercial skylight repairs in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Using the best industry techniques not only means that the skylight repairs are done correctly the first time, it means that the work can be done quickly causing the least amount of disruption to your commercial and business environment.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is given to all our clients. We are committed to providing the best skylight repair services in Toronto and surrounding areas at very fair, reasonable and affordable prices.

Contact The Roof Technician today for a free obligation free estimate to take care of any commercial skylight problems you are experiencing.


If you have any inquiries about your commercial skylight, we encourage you to schedule an appointment or phone consultation with one of our skilled roofing experts or visit our company. We are pleased to provide a comprehensive range of services, including various attic ventilation, professionally done residential roofing repairs or installations, tailored to meet the needs of your business.


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