Commercial Roof Inspection

The Roof Technician is able to do a detailed commercial roof inspection in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

With a professional roof inspection you receive a detailed report specifying the overall condition of your roof.  

The report indicates areas requiring attention to prevent expensive repairs in the future.


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Advantages of Regular Commercial Roof Inspections

You can rely on The Roof Technician to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive commercial roof inspection in Toronto and the surrounding areas. A professional technician will investigate every surface and every corner of your commercial roof, performing a professional and meticulous inspection. You will be provided with a detailed report from The Roof Technician. The overall condition of the commercial roof will be indicated in this report. The report will also contain information regarding areas needing attention.

By doing a thorough commercial roof inspection, any damage the roof might have suffered due to extreme weather conditions, can be attended to promptly. Worn and weathered seals are indicated for replacement before the structure of the roof suffers any damage.

Ensuring no defects on your roof extends the lifespan of all roof components. Insulation lasts longer and mold or mildew growth is prevented by ensuring no problems go unnoticed. Doing regular commercial roof inspections will keep your roof in great shape and ensures it will be durable for many years to come. Detecting small problems and attending to it quickly is a great approach to prevent expensive and major roof repairs in the future.


Why Commercial Flat Roof Inspections are Important?

Cost Saving

The best reason The Roof Technician can offer for regular commercial roof inspection is saving you money.

As a business owner you know the never ending list of challenges you face managing a commercial property. Among the routine maintenance and regular services for features like the HVAC and plumbing services you might need from time to time, commercial roofs tend to be neglected.

Only when a sudden leak during a heavy rainstorm gets noticed, the commercial roofs get attended to.

Prevention is Better than Cure
The Roof Technician has the best solution to prevent unexpected and disruptive interruptions to your business. Regular and detailed commercial roof inspection will identify areas of concern quickly and prevent a small issue now, from becoming an expensive and big repair with time if left unattended.

Storm damage to the roof materials and debris in the drainage system can leave you with sudden water damage inside your building when a heavy rainstorm hits. Worn seals at skylights and ventilation systems can cause slow leakage, leading to mold and mildew growth that can be quite extensive if it goes undetected for long.

A strong gust of wind might tear and lift part of the roof material and the damage will only become evident once leakage occurs. With a detailed commercial roof inspection done from time to time by The Roof Technician, you will have one less thing to be concerned about.

Knowledge Is Power
Knowing your roof is clean of debris, seals are properly maintained and all roof materials are properly secured and fitted, you know that your commercial roof will be durable and able to withstand unexpected and extreme weather events for the foreseeable future.

Knowing the condition of your roof empowers you to take appropriate action. Attending smaller problems regularly is less expensive than major damage repair.

What Commercial Flat Roof Inspections Entails

When The Roof Technician does a commercial roof inspection at your property, you can be assured that every part of your roof will be inspected and assessed in the finest detail. With close to two decades of experience in the commercial roofing industry, our commercial roof inspection will be done by a professional and qualified roofer. With their extensive knowledge they are able to determine all areas of concern and provide expert advice regarding appropriate action to be taken.

Signs of Damage

The commercial roof inspection starts off with a search for obvious damage to the roof materials. Cracks, blisters, tears and punctures in the roof are looked for. This can all be caused by prolonged exposure to the elements. Sagging or a buckled appearance may indicate leakage points.

Condition of Roof Materials

Curling shingles or cracks in the membrane are identified. Pieces of materials can be worn away on bitumen and gravel roof surfaces and there might be splits in the roof membrane. All this will be detailed in your roof inspection report. The Roof Technician is fully qualified to repair all commercial roof types.


Proper drainage will always be important, especially for flat commercial roofs. Standing water could lead to roof deterioration and mold growth amongst other complications. Making sure the drainage system is free from debris and functioning effectively forms part of The Roof Technician’s commercial roof inspection. If any problems are identified with the commercial roof inspection, The Roof Technician’s expert roofers are able to suggest a workable and cost effective solution to you. 


Flashing or seam sealant is checked meticulously. Any defects or openings at the edges and seams of your roof can lead to leaks and other problems. Areas where the flashing is missing are also identified. This damaged seam sealant or flashing, should be attended to as soon as possible, since leaking water can seep in underneath the roof materials leading to extensive damage to the integrity of the whole area over time. The Roof Technician is able to provide all repair services for damaged flashing. 


The Roof Technician is a certified Velux contractor. Our technicians are specifically trained and experienced to install, repair and service Velux skylights. Not limited to the Velux range only, our professional roofers will inspect any skylight carefully to identify areas of weakness or damage. Cracks and gaps in the seals around commercial skylights should be attended to before leakage issues can occur. The Roof Technician can offer expert advice and a fairly priced solution for all skylights.


Where there is ventilation systems installed on your roof, The Roof Technician will inspect the seals and placement around the ventilation system. The seals around the ventilation system should be without cracks, peeling or missing pieces. Any damage or worn seals will be identified for your urgent attention. The Roof Technician are able to repair the seals and can offer you a complimentary estimate for all repair work that needs to be done.

Don’t Delay Your Commercial Roof Inspection

With close to two decades of experience in the industrial roofing industry, you are invited to make use of The Roof Technician’s expert commercial roof inspection service. Protecting the roof of your commercial property has never been easier.

The Roof Technician can assess all types of commercial roofs, regardless of size. From industrial warehouse sites, to office buildings and everything in between, The Roof Technician is the perfect company to contact for your commercial roof inspection.

Every part of your roof will be investigated and any problem areas identified. Roof materials that show signs of aging and deterioration are specified on your comprehensive commercial roof inspection report. Damaged and curling shingles, cracked membranes and missing flashing will all be identified and reported on.

This detailed commercial roof inspection reports will enable you to do all the preventive maintenance for you commercial roof according to a schedule that meets your needs. By scheduling a proper commercial roof inspection you are averting unexpected emergencies during times when your attention needs to be focused elsewhere.

Preventative measurements to secure the structural integrity of your commercial roof can only be done when you are fully aware of what existing and potential problems are developing on your commercial roof. Do not delay having a comprehensive and detailed commercial roof inspection done for your commercial property today.

You will be pleasantly surprised by The Roof Technicians affordable and reasonable prices. To ensure your commercial roof’s perfect condition, contact us today.





Should you have any inquiries about your commercial roof, we recommend scheduling an appointment or phone consultation with one of our proficient roofing experts or visiting our company. We take pride in providing a comprehensive range of services, including various attic ventilation repairs or our top-notch commercial flat roof installations, tailored to meet the demands of your business.


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