A man wearing a suit is seen jumping from one rooftop to another by means of seven extended arm motions.

Dec 3, 2022 | News & Tips

Joe Smizaski, founder and president of Waterproofing, said he often went up onto the roofs of homes to waterproof them.

One man’s casual climb across the roof of a historical high-rise made his leap an Emmy Award-winning feat.

A video Ljung shared on Instagram shows a man dressed in a suit jumping from roof to roof, the camera zooming out at one point to show the astronomically tall building he has momentarily conquered. The viewer never sees him enter the building – but he does, eventually.

“I had no idea what that guy was doing when he first came out onto the awning. He was already hopping from one awning to another by the time we spotted him. First he went to the right of frame, then to the left, and got all the way over to this corner before he started filming (2nd slide). When we saw him again over on West St., he had made a call and looked around for a minute before heading back in this direction (1st slide). I’m not sure where he came from originally, but it couldn’t have been too far because it was raining out. The dude had dress shoes on and never ran, though,” Ljung captioned the video.

A man triggered hilarious reactions on Facebook when he used a broken window to enter an office building. One of the comments said, “Hahaha, that’s not his first time! But that head scratch was like, ‘Dammit not again!’ Maybe he got locked out on the roof and didn’t realize it would lock behind him. It’s the shade drop after he enters that got me like, ‘Whyyyy?’ Another user commented, “[I]t looks like someone has been patiently waiting for James Bond to come by.” A third user wrote, “Just another confused Doordash guy. Testing out their new add-on service Windowdash?”*

According to sources from ABC, Ljung was working on a project at the opposite end of the city. When interviewed by ABC, Ljung said that “he didn’t appear to be in distress at any time.”

When social media users followed the man’s ascent, they debated as to his identity. All mystery was solved after a woman recognised the man as Joe Smizaski, a director of operations. Smizaski often ventures into roofs for his waterproofing business and has done so with and without safety equipment many times. He told ABC that he was not harnessed this time, but that he has done so dozens of other times and always comes back safe and sound.

After he jumped, the fact that he didn’t have a safety gear meant that it could have been more dangerous and pulled him down.

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