5 Common Roofing Problems to Look for During the Summer

Jun 12, 2020 | News & Tips

Although winter has the reputation of being the worst season when it comes to roofing problems, summer’s intense heat and storms can cause serious damage. Here are 5 common roofing problems to look for this summer.

Summer Storm Damage
Summer storms can be ferocious, knocking down power lines, trees, and heavy debris onto the roof, sometimes causing structural damage. High winds can also worsen any defects the roof already has, making things worse. In some areas of the country, storms can cause flash floods. What this means for the roof is a fast build-up of rainwater that can end up burdening the roof drainage system with a hazardous amount of weight. Safety measures like the following taken before and after a storm can help present costly damage.

Inspect gutters to make sure they’re clean (clean them out if necessary). Check to make sure drains aren’t blocked. Look for dead branches and other debris that may have fallen on the roof during the storm.

NOTE: It’s a good idea to have an experienced roofing company inspect your roof for damage after a heavy storm. You’ll also need to call your insurance company to report damages. The roofing company you work with can document the extent of the damage for your insurance company.

Moss Growth
It’s not uncommon for algae and moss to grow on the roof, even during the summer months. When moss grows, it traps moisture underneath, causing serious roof damage by rotting the wood and materials it grows on.

Poor Ventilation
With the hot, humid summer weather, the right amount of ventilation in the attic is essential. If not properly ventilated, a buildup of humidity and moisture occurs. When this happens, the roof becomes weak and damaged, leading to serious problems like mold growth and dry rot.

Leaky Roof Problems
Summer has its fair share of heavy precipitation and that last thing any of us wants to deal with is a leaky roof. Not only is a leaky roof infuriating, but light dripping can also lead to bigger, or costly roof problems and quickly if not addressed.

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